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Welcome to Your Animal Kingdom

We are a small Animal Encounter company. Our priority is the welfare of the animals but we will always aim to provide a fun, interactive and educational experience to all our customers.



Person sitting cross legged in a pink hoody holding a Corn Snake at a party


Mini Me Parties. Half an hour long, perfect for younger children in groups up to 20.

Price: £50 plus travel

Standard Parties. One hour of interactive fun.

Price: £90 plus travel

Two elderly women handling a large green Stick Insect between them

Care Homes

We can pop into your care home for an hour, or longer, sharing our animals with your service users/residents.

Price: £90 plus travel (based on one hour)

Children sitting cross legged around a mat. Centre child holding a Bearded Dragon with help from our handler

School Lessons

Creating dynamic lesson plans to suit the topics in the curriculum in any Key Stage We can attend your school from one hour to a full day.

Price: From £100 plus travel

Woman in purple uniform shirt holding a Little Owl on a glove with Yak banner below them

Fêtes, Fayres, Others

Spice up your event with a table top set up with opportunities to meet the animals and learn more about them, with a display if wanted.

Price: Bespoke

Pygmy Hedgehog in a blanket being held by a young girl in a Scouting shirt and neckerchief

Youth Groups

Scouting, Guides, Clubs, what ever the group, we can pop along. We can even help you achieve your badges.

Price: £90 plus travel (based on one hour)

What We Do

We have a wide range of services for all your animal needs. We can supply risk assessments and proof of insurance with any visit, if required, and are fully trained in the appropriate care and handling of every animal we own and travel with.

You need not worry, with Y.A.K, we cater to almost any event you may be holding in a safe but fun, interactive and educational manor. If you don't see anything you want, or if you'd like a particular animal, why not get in touch with us. We may be able to accommodate to suit your event.

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Images of Little Owl and Ferret with Yak logo advertising Sponsorship of both of the animals

Sponsor Dink the Little Owl, or our Dynamic Duo, Buck and Cricket the Ferrets!

Images of Little Owl and Ferret with Yak logo advertising Sponsorship of both of the animals

When you sponsor our boys you will receive three packages, the first of which contains a personalised card, a gift off your sponsor, a £10 voucher for YAK services, a sticker.


Sponsorship is for a year from the purchase date and costs a one off payment of £20.

Get a Quote

Want to book us or just ask a question? Fire away using the form just below and then click "send". Don't forget to include any detail like a Postcode or a date you may have in mind if you're wanting to book.

Thanks for getting in touch!



Use the form above, or contact us using the email or links below.



We are based in Warrington and travel up to 60miles away to enable us to keep animal welfare standards high.

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YAK is committed to providing a website and services that are accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of circumstance and ability.
If you have any comments and or suggestions relating to improving the accessibility of our site, please don't hesitate to contact us. Your feedback will help us make improvements.

All In The Details

Grey Corn Snake on bark with Yak logo behind snakes head
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