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Your Animal Kingdom

Your Animal Kingdom is a small, friendly business ran by people with a huge passion for animals. Our key incentive is to inspire generations to care for wildlife, from our British natives to endangered species around the globe. We do this with fun, interactive and educational sessions for all ages with our wide range of animals.

Albino Pygmy Hedgehog on a rock in a garden with the Yak logo just behind

Our Mission Statement

To provide a fun, interactive and educational experience for people of all ages and backgrounds. To conserve, aid and protect local wildlife, as well as international species, through education. To allow people, with an interest and love of animals to enjoy a safe, interactive experience while upholding the highest standards of welfare.

Our Goals

- Provide a high standard of animal care to all our animals, on and off the road.
- Educate people of all ages and abilities about creatures great and small.
- Inspire people to see animals as we do; amazing creatures that we need to conserve and protect in their natural habitat.

Close up of Leopard Gecko's head on dark background with Yak logo just behind
Portrait photograph of Jess wearing purple uniform shirt and feather earring


Jess has always loved animals, having owned "odd animals" for most of her life; Tarantulas, Snakes, Frogs, and the like. From school she went onto College and University to learn Zoo Management, gaining a BSc (hons) which she puts to good use designing all of our lessons plans and group sessions.



Meet the humans who run Your Animal Kingdom

Each member of our team is chosen for their years of experience with animals, which include degrees and owning their own animals.

Portrait photograph of Sam wearing purple uniform shirt, glasses and a mighty beard


Sam has worked professionally with captive and wild animals for most of his life. With a background in farming and a BSc (hons) in Wildlife Conservation he has worked with everything from dairy cows, dogs and cats to exotic reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and birds of prey. These days he concerns himself mostly with the creation and upkeep of our enclosures.

Large green Stick Insect on woman's hand with Yak logo behind it and in front of light background

"Brilliant party today, lovely mix of animals. The supervisors were professional and informative and the children were entertained and engaged from beginning to end. Thank you for a great time".

Francis John

"The team consists of expert animal handlers and trainers each with years of experience under their belt, providing not just valuable lessons about the environment and it's inhabitants but an entertaining display for all ages.

I highly recommend their services and hope you are as inspired as I am by their dedication and hard work they put in for their little family of critters".

Matthew Hamer

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