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Happy Birthday to yooooou!

Since Jess turned the big 3 0 on Sunday we thought we would give her more work to do by setting up a little competition for you folks at home to win one of our brand new YAK vouchers. Worth £30 off our services, the voucher can be hoarded until you want to book us yourself or gifted to someone else, if you win of course.

All you need to do is share a picture of your favourite animal with a fun fact. It can be your own pet, one of Your Animal Kingdoms amazing critters, something awesome you've seen at the zoo or on TV. Why not send us a pet photo and let us know their favourite bad habit. Or a zoo photo and tell us a conservation fact. You can even send us photos of your animal themed cakes! You can comment on the Facebook post, tag us in a post on Instagram, or send it via DM/email.

Jess gets to pick the one she thinks its best (it is her birthday after all) and that lucky little duck will win! The competition runs from Sunday 3rd to midnight Tuesday 5th April 2022 and winner will be announced on Friday 8th.

*edit 8/4/22*
We have a few fun facts come in and in the end Jess couldn't decided between two so they both won!
Jet, the little black cat, and her owner, Tracey, informed us that cats are lactose intolerant. A great fact for everyone!
Stanlee, the dog, and his owner, Joanne, told us that he enjoys eating sheep poop 💩 to each their own Stanlee 😂

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