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Heat Wave

💧 Remember to stay hydrated. Keep water bottles/bowls topped up with cool water
🌡️ Keep an eye on those temperature gages. It's always wise to have a thermostat attached to any heat device on enclosures but the temps may continue to creep up so it's worth checking regularly
😎 Give access to shade. Even animals used to higher temperature will need a bit of shade so make sure anything outdoors has that option
🐾 Check floors before walking. Animals feet are sensitive to high temperatures, just like ours, so if you can't put your hand to the ground and keep it there then you shouldn't allow an animal there. A good tip is to allow access to outdoors when it's cooler, so mornings and evenings instead of through the middle of the day
❄️ Utilise cooling items. Animals will enjoy being able to cool down with cool pads, water bowls, icepacks, etc. A handy tip is to use hot water bottles filled with cool water, but remember to only keep them on the freezer briefly so you don't destroy the integrity of the rubber.
🔥 Minimise use of fire. This is an odd one to throw in but, nevertheless, important. YAK is in a rural area with a ban on BBQs, naked flames and cigarettes, so it's worth sharing those rules with others as fires spread so quickly from tiny flames when it's so dry out
☀️ Use sunscreen. This is more aimed at you humans, but remember that animals can burn top so minimise sun exposure, especially those with bald bit or white fur as that is most likely to allow for sun burns

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