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Vulture Awareness Day 2022

With that in mind we'd like to propose a charity deal with our lovely customers for this month since today (3rd September) is Vulture Awareness Day. We have a limited number of vouchers up for grabs. Buy a voucher and we will donate £5 to VulPro (! VulPro is a fantastic place in South Africa dedicated to Vulture conservation. Vultures are imperative to the ecosystem, being able to clean up a carcass in no time at all and managing to even digest disease. They are under threat, especially the African species and need our help.

Small print: each voucher will be worth the amount paid, minimum of £10. Vouchers valid for one year from date purchased and can be used toward any of Your Animal Kingdom's services when booked through YAK.

You can always donate directly to the charity or via us without purchasing a voucher if you like.

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